Education Compacting Project Videos

As part of this project and the next steps for education, AFN commissioned a number of videos that provide additional insight related to planning a new future for Alaska Native education. The purpose is to help Alaskans understand Alaska history, the connection to current education practices and the need for culturally driven education; the State’s interest in tribal compacting as a way to improve educational outcomes and better serve students; and what education compacting opportunities might look like in Alaska.

Below you will also find videos of education comparing related testimony and the full video of an excellent panel discussion on education that was part of the 2022 AFN Convention.

AFN Convention Panel on Tribal Compacting in Education

At the 2022 AFN Convention Joel Isaak, Alaska Department of Education and Early Development, then Acting Commissioner Heidi Teshner, Alaska Department of Education and Early Development, Senator Gary Stevens, and Sandy Salaktuna Kowalski, then Alaska State Board of Education discussed "The Future of Alaska Native Tribal Education Compacting."



The Value of Indigenous Culture, Knowledge & Teaching

To explain the history, context, and need for a culturally driven and relevant education for Alaska Native students, AFN spoke with Alaska Native leaders and pioneers Dr. Rosita Worl, Willie Hensley, and Emil Notti about the value and promise of Indigenous culture, knowledge, and teachings in educational institutions.

Legal Foundation: Tribal Compacting in Education

To help illustrate the design, structure, and legal precedent for tribal compacting, AFN spoke with Richard A. Agnew about key concepts, successful implementation, and legislative next steps for Alaska. A partner with Van Ness Feldman, LLP, Rick is familiar with Alaska and its tribal governments and has worked on a variety of matters for AFN over the years. He has been a consulting partner with AFN regarding the Education Compacting project and has written several papers on the topic.

The Future of Tribal Compacting

What might educational compacting opportunities look like in the state of Alaska? AFN spoke with former Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development Dr. Michael Johnson and former Alaska State Board of Education and Early Development Board Member Sandra Kowalski to highlight the pathways, benefits, and opportunities for Tribal Compacting in the state of Alaska.